“I started working with Anne-Marie a year ago to overcome the physical and emotional symptoms of a recent burnout. I can confidently say that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and that my wellbeing has improved exponentially since.  Anne-Marie possesses a deep knowledge of her craft and is an extremely caring, supportive and intuitive practitioner. Upon our first meeting, I knew that this was someone I could trust and who genuinely wanted to help me. She is incredibly perceptive by nature and takes the time to explore the individual in depth to provide uniquely tailored homeopathy solutions. Each of her consultations are conducted with professional care, sensitivity and thoughtful evaluation.

Thanks to Anne-Marie’s support on my healing journey, I consider myself a new person today. If you are looking for a personalized alternative health treatment, then I wholeheartedly recommend her homeopathy services. Anne-Marie is passionately dedicated to improving your wellbeing, while using a holistic approach that is attentive and sympathetic to your individual experience. This sets her apart completely in my opinion.” (V.S.)

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