Therapeutic approach

A natural and gentle holistic method that works on the principle that ‘Like cures Like’.


  • Effective for acute & chronic ailments
  • Supports the whole being
  • Safe for all; including pregnant women, elderly, infants and children
  • Non-toxic
  • No interactions with medications
  • Successful on your pets too!

The homeopathic remedies – source & action

  • They are energetic essence that come from nature (the plant, mineral or animal kingdom)
  • They match the client’s unique dynamic expression on all levels.
  • Based on similarity in frequencies, the virtues of that substance are released and act as messengers at the energetic level stimulating the body’s innate ability to come back into balance.


An integrative, individualized “whole person approach” using Classical Homeopathy – the MICH method – and Naturopathy (therapeutic support and holistic nutrition).

As we aim to find the root of your issues:

  • we explore together your life experiences on different levels (physical, mental, emotional), and
  • follow the dynamic pattern towards the core – your vital energy that maintains the organism as a unique WHOLE and moves you through life.

It is my privilege and honour to be of service, create a compassionate safe space, and support you all along this journey.