I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anne-Marie for almost a year now and I cannot thank her enough for all of the healing I received from her. Anne-Marie is highly intuitive and compassionate, she carries so much wisdom and knowledge. Each session she took her to really listen, and guided me into the deepest parts of my consciousness to find out the root causes of my emotional difficulties and blockages. I had a long standing huge blockage due to childhood trauma that wasn’t fully resolved even after many healing modalities. Working with Anne-Marie and taking the homeopathic remedies prepared by her helped me make a quantum leap on my healing journey – liberation from old wounds and patterns and standing firm and living fully in my presence. She was so attentive and caring all along my journey, I felt very loved and supported. I am so grateful for Anne-Marie, and it’s truly a blessing to be able to receive her medicine. I would highly recommend working with her to anyone! (D.J.)

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