Hey Anne-Marie! 🌻I am not sure how quickly the remedy works but I’ve been noticing a huge difference.  I’ve been feeling incredibly calm and clear, with a strong inner firmness & stillness. I also noticed that instead of indulging in counterproductive thoughts, I proactively stop this and bring myself back to the present moment. I have also communicated adjustments to those around me that could help prepare for the upcoming changes more easily. I feel a lot lighter compared to a few days ago. I guess our follow up was very timely. I know its only been two days but just wanted to share! Thanks again 😌

I want to let you know that I am feeling better than ever. Much clarity and peace within. Still some areas to work on, but after I had experienced the resurfacing of the old patterns, they seem to be releasing and feeling very light!! 🥰 Thank you for everything, so grateful for you ❤🙏🏼

J’étais heureuse de constater cette semaine, en me réveillant que je n’avais plus aucune douleur. J’étais tellement contente, je m’étirerais de partout et j’étais étonné de n’avoir aucune douleur. J’appelais ma fille le matin pour lui dire. Nous sommes sortis ensemble et fait plein d’activités pour nos vacances.

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